Advanced Animal Communication – 4-Week Course

Sundays, February 17, February 24, March 3 & March 10 12:30PM-2:30PM EST

(Attendance at all 4 sessions is necessary)

Animal Communication Your animal companions talk to you all the time.  Do you know what they are saying?  Do they understand your replies?  This 4-week course will help you break through the communication barrier that so many of us perceive.  Build deeper relationships with the animals around you.  Enjoy two-way communication.  Understand more about what they think and feel, and why they do the things they do.  Help them to understand more about your thoughts, feelings, and motivations.  This 4-week course will help you to experience time spent with your animal companions in a whole new way.
“Advanced Animal Communication” will walk you through opening up the channels of communication between you and your non-human loved ones. Each week, we will be joined in the classroom by a different rescued animal, so that we can practice our skills in real time.  This course will also use videos and photos of rescued animals to deepen our understanding across species.  At the end of this course, you will be equipped to fully participate in friendships with animals of all species. You will break the artificial boundaries that separate humans from other animals, and you will deepen your understanding of and compassion for all life.
You will:

  • Identify and remove blocks to animal communication, such as preconceived ideas and habits of mind.
  • Learn holistic communication techniques including:
    • Intuition
    • Body language
    • Soul gazing
    • Sound
  • Practice techniques for giving and receiving healing energy.
  • Share deeper love, trust, and respect with your animal companions.
Who Should Attend: This course is appropriate for anyone with an open heart and mind and a strong desire to communicate with animals.  We ask that you commit to attending each one of the four sessions, as we will build on our learnings each week. When and Where: February 17, 2013, February 24, 2013, March 3, 2013, and March 10, 2013 (all Sunday afternoons) 12:30 – 2:30 at Everything Natural, 426 South State Street, Clarks Summit, PA in the downstairs classroom — Please note that we will build on our learnings weekly, so attendance at each class is necessary. Participants should wear comfortable, casual clothing as we will spend time on the floor interacting with animals, and should also bring along a journal and pen.
Suggested Donation: No one will be turned away for lack of funds. This is a donation-based offering, which means that you choose how much you will donate to help us cover our costs. We suggest a donation of $99 or more for all those who are able.  Register with your credit card by clicking the button below. If you prefer to pay by check, please mail your donation to us with a note requesting that you be registered for Talk with Your Animal Friends, and please include your email address.