Two new residents just joined the Indraloka family – and we need YOUR help to name them!
rooster naming meme
We are looking for names for our new rooster and partridge residents. Names are important, and through them, we are able to provide the animals with positive and encouraging energy. Because he was dropped off at the sanctuary with fear aggression, we want to provide the rooster with a peaceful energy, so we are looking for a name meaning “peace” or something similar for him. The partridge is a brave girl who escaped from a live market in Philadelphia, so she deserves a name that honors her bravery. At Indraloka, we honor diversity and would appreciate names from different cultures around the world.
quail naming contest
Names have been submitted, and now it’s time to vote for your favorite – See Below to vote!

 The winning names will be announced on Tuesday, September 6th. The person who nominates the winning name for each animal will win a private lunch at the sanctuary with our other new resident – baby Rupert! The winners will also have the chance meet the animal they named and give them treats, allowing them to be a part of their transition to sanctuary life!
Thank you for entering our Name-a-Resident Contest!
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