Join us for a 2-hour tour of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary! You will get a chance to view the sanctuary grounds, learn about the inter-workings of the sanctuary’s daily operations, and meet the animal residents. Schedule your visit today- the sanctuary is open April through December.

To schedule a tour, you must email Please let us know the date you would like to visit and how many guests will be attending. Spots are limited to 20 guests per tour as to not overwhelm the animal residents.


Available tour dates:

Wednesday, April 25th @ 11:00

Tuesday, May 1st @ 12:00

Saturday, May 5th @ 11:00

Thursday, May 10th @ 11:00

Tuesday, May 22nd @ 12:00

Saturday, May 26th @ 11:00

*new tour dates to be added soon

After you’ve signed up for your visit, please fill out and complete our Visitor’s Agreement below. Directions and further information will be emailed to you upon confirmation. If you have any questions about your tour, please email The animals look forward to meeting you!

Looking to spend the night? Check out these area accommodations: