Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is named after the Sanskrit “heaven for the Gods,” and is founded on two principles: 1) the earth herself and all life are sacred and 2) we are all related.

Gus Winter 14


Indraloka has provided educational programs to children and adults while rescuing and caring for countless animals through their natural lifespans. All of these animals would otherwise have had nowhere else to turn. Today, nearly 200 animals, of 11 species, call the sanctuary home and enjoy their roles in teaching children about topics as varied as ecology, health and wellness, biology, compassion, and even interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. Founded in 2005, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is a private, non-profit, charitable (501c3) organization.

Indraloka is unique in that, as a working organic farm, animal sanctuary with multiple species, and environmental education center, it connects the dots between environmental responsibility, personal health and well-being, and compassion. Learn more…