Indraloka Animal Sanctuary provides “heaven on earth” for farm animals that have nowhere else to turn. We inform, inspire, and empower the community, especially children, on ways in which we can better care for ourselves and the environment while helping animals in need. We advocate for a kind and compassionate diet and lifestyle that protects animals, the earth, and our own health.

“Treat me like an animal” is a commonly used phrase at Indraloka. The animals are our teachers, constantly guiding us to extend kindness, compassion and respect towards each other and this environment that we are all sharing. For this reason, a primary focus at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is growing our environmental education curriculum, teaching children early on the importance of taking care of the Earth and ALL of it’s inhabitants.

Today, the sanctuary is experiencing an exciting stage of growth! With a generous $1.6 million matching gift, our dreams and efforts to expand our land in order to rescue more animals, and also to become more accessible to the community, as well as to grow our environmental education curriculum, are well on their way. Please join our newsletter and follow us to stay in touch; with your help, we can change the world, one animal and one child at a time. Learn more…