As one of Pennsylvania’s only all species and farm animal rescue, Indraloka provides “heaven on earth” for 177 animals that have nowhere else to turn.  We educate the community, especially children, on ways in which we can better care for ourselves and the environment while helping animals in need.

“Team Indraloka” is helping Indraloka Animal Sanctuary to Rescue More Farm Animals in Desperate Need

Team Indraloka:  Help to Expand the Sanctuary and Allow More Animals to Experience Heaven on Earth

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People often say, “If I ever win the lottery I am going to start a sanctuary.” Well, Indra didn’t win the lottery, and she wasn’t a rich woman. The need for a farm animal sanctuary was urgent, so in 2005, she started Indraloka Sanctuary on her own property, with her own money.

In the nine years since, she has rescued and cared for more than 600 animals through their natural lifespans and provided educational programs to over 1,000 children and 500 adults.

Indra remains the primary caretaker of the sanctuary’s 177 animals, with the help of a small team of dedicated volunteers, while working hard at her own business in order to be the sanctuary’s primary funder as well.

Meanwhile, the word about Indraloka has gotten out– excellent animal care, calming once-terrorized animals, beautiful photos, films, and stories about animals, and magical education programs—all have created quite a buzz. As a result, they are flooded with requests for animal rescue, educational programs, and retreat options. But their growth has outpaced our aging structures, which are badly in need of upgrading.

Our world—and the animals–need this sanctuary to grow, and it will take more than Indra and a few volunteers to make that happen. The animals need all of us. So, I decided to join Team Indraloka, where 1,008 caring individuals like you and me will change the world. How? By each of us raising just $108 for Indraloka.

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Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and Marywood University Partner to Offer Farmitecture

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and Marywood University Partner to Offer Farmitecture

On any given day, a lot more than animal care and rescue goes on at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and some of it may surprise you.

Take Saturday. A group of architecture students and their professor had a rare opportunity—a chance not only to design an eco-friendly building, but to actually build their design at Indraloka. They are part of a class called “Farmitecture.” A unique partnership, Indraloka and the Marywood University School of Architecture work together to offer the class. Every year, students design and build environmentally friendly housing for the animals.

Kate O’Connor, Assistant Professor at the Marywood University School of Architecture, is enthusiastic about the class. “The students participating in the course this year are a committed and creative group constantly challenging themselves and seeking the best design solutions. They are in a unique situation as they design for a client that cannot speak and therefore have done research to make the best design decisions.”

1st Annual INDRALOKAFEST – A day of Peace, Rock and Animals!

Indralokafest – Peace – Rock – Animals -July 13 2014

What: Rock variety music festival to benefit Indraloka Sanctuary
When: Sunday, July 13th, 1:00P-9:00P
Where: Nathan Montella’s – 267 Stone Road, Waverly, PA
Who: This is an ALL AGES event.

$10.00 (suggested donation) – includes entry and 1 raffle ticket

For sponsorship information, please contact Chelsi Louise (via Facebook). There are SEVEN sponsorship levels (from $25.00) – all with benefits!

For more information, check out the Facebook page!

Operation 303: Free Pig!

Operation 303:  A Pig's Leap to Freedom

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On December 23, 2013, a young pig jumped from or fell off of a slaughter-bound truck in the midst of heavy New Jersey traffic. The terrified pig waited on the highway with cars roaring by for four hours before help arrived to take him to safety. A good Samaritan, Truck Driver Paul Waller of Airside, Inc., directed traffic around the pig to ensure that no accidents occurred, comforting him while they awaited assistance.

Through the efforts of many individuals and organizations, including Animal rescuer and volunteer Mike Stura as well as Antler Ridge Wildlife Rescue, arrangements were made to provide this brave pig with permanent sanctuary, here at Indraloka. On January 9, 2014, amid a media frenzy to capture his first moments in Mehoopany, Eddie Traffic came home.

You can follow Eddie’s continuing story at his Facebook page, “Operation 303 Free Pig,” and in his very special blog entries.

Do you dream of a day when all pigs are free, just like Eddie Traffic? Show your support for Eddie and all of the animals at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary with this limited edition bracelet made of eco-friendly and recycled materials! Attractive and fashionable for men and women, wearing this bracelet is a tangible way to make a statement of love for and solidarity with the many animals who are not as fortunate as Eddie Traffic,. Together, we can save them all, just as Eddie dreams…

Order an “Operation 303″ bracelet
to support Eddie Traffic
& Indraloka Sanctuary:

$10.00 per bracelet
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*** IMPORTANT: The shipping option applies only to contiguous United States addresses. If you require shipment to Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. territories or other countries, please contact Indraloka via email to determine exact costs and to make any necessary shipping arrangements.

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